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 Learn Guitar DVD - Learn to play the guitar with this series of DVDs home dvds
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Learn Guitar DVD

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Learn Guitar DVD

Learn Jazz Bass Guitar - Learn Guitar DVD

Learn how to play the guitar with this Guitar Tuition DVD. This DVD takes you through some of the fundamental scale patterns and techniques used by many Jazz players, which will help you to widen your technical ability on the bass guitar. The lessons on this DVD will show you how to make your bass playing more melodic and will help you to understand more about improvising around chords. If you take your bass playing seriously, this DVD will help you to add a new edge to your playing, making you a more flexible and well-rounded player.

About the Learn Guitar DVD collection:
Don't forget to check out the rest of the learn guitar dvds, whether you're a beginner wanting to learn how to play guitar or an established player looking to expand your guitar playing techniques. Each DVD is filmed in the style of a private guitar lesson to give a natural and relaxed feel to learning the guitar.

Left handed Learn Guitar DVD also available: This Learn Guitar DVD title is now available for left handed guitarists. Simply select 'Left Handed' from the drop down box on the left hand side above the 'Add to Basket' button and we will ship the 'Left Handed' version to you.


* All examples applicable to 4/5/6 string bass.

The DVD includes the following topics:

1) appegio walking bass line Patterns

2) Min7/Maj7/Dom7 lines

3) Dim/Aug lines

4) b5/#5 considerations

5) b9/#9 alterations

6) Working with the metronome

7) Backing track with drums and guitar for a typical jazz standard played at different speeds

8 )linking bass lines

9) working from jazz charts

10) chromatic notes

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No refunds will be given as once the DVDs have been watched, the information has been extracted. The author will however do everything in his power to bridge and clarify points that may not be understood. Contact for details.

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